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Since April 20th 2011... Until all the good dreams of mankind come true.
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April 20th, 2011
Press Release
A New iPhone App "MyStats" is Released For Self-Management
A Lifelog and Analyze Tool
Nagoya Japan (April 20, 2011) - NEOREX, a Japanese cloud system developer, announced today that its first free iPhone app "MyStats" became officially available on the App Store. MyStats is a tool to record and analyze personal activities.

<What's MyStats?>
MyStats is a Self-Management tool. With MyStats, users can record and analyze how many hours they've spent on which activity. By simply touching the time range and touching an activity on the Activity List, users can record their activity. Records can be analyzed with a pie chart. Users can add any activities they want and create their own "Activity Set."

Select Time
Analyze by Pie Chart
Timed Activity List
MyStats is available for the iPhone family, which means iPhone, iPod touch and iPad.

<Who Use MyStats For What?>
MyStats is an app developed for everyone who wants to be better at self-management.

Following are some samples of expected user categories with their goals and their Activity Sets.

Sales Representative
Goal: To Obtain Time for New Contracts
- For New Contracts
- For Existing Contracts
- Other Sales Activities
- Non-Sales Activities
- Preparation for Certification

Goal: To Optimize the Allocation of Time
- Interacting with Customers
- Interacting with Partners
- Interacting with Internal Members
- Routines
- Close The Door and Think

Goal: To Adjust Study Time According to a Test Results
- English
- French
- History
- Politics
- Writing
- Math
- Science
- Refresh!

Goal: Have Fun with Kids with a Smile
- Cooking
- Laundry
- Cleaning
- Other housework
- School Matters
- Have fun with kids!
- Relax

Goal: To Minimize Non-Creative Time
- Creative Work
- Non-Creative Work
- Meeting
- Recharge Creativity!
- Sleep

<How MyStats Development Started and For Who?>
One sentence written by Peter F. Drucker led NEOREX to develop MyStats.

The first step toward executive effectiveness is therefore to record actual time use.
Peter F. Drucker, "Efficient Executive"

Kenji Komai, Executive Vice President of NEOREX, started time management with a pocketbook and spreadsheet software after reading this sentence. That became the beginning of MyStats development.

In the early phase of the development, the expected users of MyStats were business people because most of them have time management needs. However, in the middle of development, NEOREX noticed that the words "Lifelog" and "Lifehach" are becoming popular and more and more people are interested in recording their activities and making their lives better with ideas and tools. Therefore NEOREX thought that not only business people but also many non-business people would have interest in MyStats.

This is how the expected users of MyStats became "Everybody."

<Plans For Upgrades>
In addition to the time management function, a new function to record non-timed, daily activities and analyze them with line graphs is planned to be available in June. Following are some samples of the Daily Activity.
- Number of New Customer Visits
- Amount of Turnover
- Weight
- Self-Grade for Personal Condition
- Is A Daily Habit Done or Not

<Who's NEOREX?>
NEOREX is a Japanese cloud system company established in 1987. NEOREX started providing a cloud Work Force Management System called "Bye Bye Timecard" in 2003 and now provides the service to more than 70,000 users in Japan. Customers are Prince Hotel (largest hotel group in Japan), STIHL Japan office (world's largest chain saw maker), IKEA Japan (world's largest furniture company) and more.


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