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Since April 20th 2011... Until all the good dreams of mankind come true.
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MyStats is an app to record and analyze your activities.

There are two types of activities you can record and analyze.
- Timed Activity
Record "when and what you did" and analyze "how you are spending your time."
Timed Activity
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- Daily Activity
Record "results" or "status" of the day such as "Today's Sales" or "Today's Weight" and analyze "how much you have accomplished" or just "how you are doing."
Daily Activity
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You can add any activities you want and create your own "Activity Set."

 Activity Sets for various occupations, such as Sales Rep, Executive, Housekeeper, Student, Artist, Athlete, etc, are listed on the Activity Sets page.
MyStats is currently available only for the iPhone family.
Development for Android and other smart phone platforms and for PC and Mac is under consideration.
MyStats is an app developed for people who want to be better at self-management.
We hope that MyStats will help you reach more of your goals, or take steps toward your dreams.

Remember, our goal is: "Your Happiness."
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